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1) Was it ethical for Normandale to sell the alleged knock-off products at a lower price? Explain. 2) What federal or state laws protect owners

1) Was it ethical for Normandale to sell the alleged knock-off products at a lower price? Explain. 2) What federal or state laws protect owners of intellectual property? How do they apply here? Explain. 3) What damages, if any, has Mathis suffered because of Normandale's conduct? Explain. 4) What are the differing views on the social responsibility of corporations like Normandale? 5) What ethical code could Normandale implement to prevent similar incidents in the future? 6) Do the owners of Normandale have personal liability to Mathis for damages? Explain. 7) Do the owners of Normandale have personal criminal liability for their conduct and that of the business? Explain. (Business Law & Corporate Ethics BUS212 A01- Module 3 Assignment 2)
Business Law & Corporate Ethics Bus212 A01-Module 3 Assignment 2 Research business law in regard to protection of intellectual property using your textbook, the Argosy University Online Library resources, and the internet. Based on the facts of the case and research, write an analytical paper, respond to the following questions: Write a 5-page paper.
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Thank you for contacting the Library.

You have copied and pasted your assignment here but have not stated more specifically what you are looking for, so here are some general searches to try related to concepts here.

Go to the Library page.  Look for the Library Search bar.  Enter intellectual property law in the search box and hit Search.


Results will appear in a new window.  It's a broad term but you can narrow your results.  For example, add the term personal liability or criminal liability in the search bar at the top which are concepts in some of the additional questions of the assignment.  Since there are many questions in the assignment, you may have to break the searching down and answer them with different searches.

Similar searches to try:

Intellectual property and law and social responsibility

Intellectual property and federal law

Intellectual property and state law

Intellectual property and ethics

Each search will give you different results.  Scan the titles to look for relevant articles.  Click on Details to read an abstract (summary) and gain other information about the article. 



If you find an article you like, click the title to go to the full text of it.

Please let us know if you need further assistance.

Laura Rice

Argosy University Library Services

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