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If I have an article name how do I find it?

Looking for peer reviewed articles on Sexual abuse trauma
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When you have the title or name of an article, you can go to the first page of the library in the student portal.   Under "QuickSearch" where it says to enter search terms, enter the title of the article.   You will see that as a default, the segment is set on "title" and so you would not need to change that.

Provided that you have enough words from the title and that the article is in a journal to which we subscribe in some database and for which we have that issue, you should be able to retrieve the article you want.

If you are looking for peer-reviewed articles on sexual abuse trauma, here is what I suggest:

"Click here" under "Find Articles" and then choose a database likely to have relevant articles about this topic.  For your topic, I would search "PsycARTICLES and PsycINFO" or "Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection" or "Psychology Journals".

After I clicked on that database, I went to the advanced search.  Using the advanced search allows me more options for how I structure my search so that I am better able to retrieve the most relevant articles.

In advanced search, I clicked in the boxes for "peer reviewed" and "full text".  I do not want to look at any abstracts that may be retrieved by the search.  I only want to look at the full text of articles.

I put the three words you gave as your search phrase, sexual abuse trauma in the first box of the advanced search.   I am afraid that if I search all fields and text, I will retrieve too many articles.  Remember that because I do not have any quotation marks about the phrase when I put it in the box, the search engine can search for each of these words separately.

As the segment, I will choose for these terms, I choose abstract.  I get 74 hits.  We could work with that number of its. 

But, I am going to see what happens when I search using the terms as a single phrase, "sexual abuse trauma", in the abstract.  Now the search must look only for where it can find this particular phrase.  I got 2 hits.  That is too few. 

But, I want to try to refine the search further, and so I am going to use the phrase, sexual abuse trauma in the document title segment.

I got 10 hits.  Now when I look at these, I do not see the three words together in most hits.  But it would be good to look at these hits anyway.  I am not going to do a title search for the phrase "sexual abuse trauma".

You could also try restructuring your search.  You could try doing a search using,   "sexual abuse" /s trauma,  which means find articles where the phrase "sexual abuse" is in the same sentence as trauma.

Or you could try doing a search using "sexual abuse" or rape  /s trauma, etc.

So you can vary your search terms and how you cluster them.  You can vary the segments where you put the terms--abstract, title. 

You can also search other databases.  There are two other databases containing psychological articles we could search.  At least one of these is from EBSCO with a slightly different search protocal than this database from ProQuest.

I hope this helps you.  I hope it does not confuse you.  If you want more help, please email me directly at


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